What the heck is taking us so long?

When the runtime was just a simple HTML5 JS based engine things moved so quickly and never the hint of a "Segmentation fault". Moving onto C/C++ is a bit more difficult, but with a decent code base for the editor it wasn't too crazy.

I have had some peers review my code and they noted how the coding syntax was inconsistent in many places. Mainly the casing had about 4 styles. Although there was logic between the difference for different variable types, it didn't seem to be worth it to change from lowercase. Many were also surprised that I wasn't using namespaces anywhere in code. So I also created the "gpe" namespace.  I have been adding updates through Github. Some of these changes required moving variables around, some were even removed. Another giant change was also separating SDL2 out from the base of the engine.  This was indeed an impressive feat to make sure SDL2 is not actually "required" for the engine, but is used in child classes. This isn't to say things would run without SDL2, because there are no alternative libraries coded; but it is now possible. There are a few files that make the parent class change over to SDL, but if someone is ambitious they can add something like a SFML frontend. 

These changes were met with numerous bugs, but after adding many debug points I have rooted out all that I have seen so far. There is still more intensive checks to go. Multi-window support isn't fully enabled yet, due to how textures are allocated, but this may come at a later time. All in all, the update is coming along smoothly. 

The state and runtime system has been greatly improved. The editor is just one game state. There are a few more objectives to accomplish before the update is useful, coupled with the build system, but I am proud of all of the giant leaps of code changes in this version.  

Finally, in a move to keep contributing to the open source community I have added a few smaller projects to our github which are essentially common code from the engine that can be used in other projects that doesn't necessarily want to use Game Pencil Engine. These have been put into their own namespaces as well. 

Back to coding, thanks for all of your support through this evolution. 

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