Version 1.1.1 Deluxe Beta now available!

The following is the changelog for the upcoming release of 1.1.1. A few more changes are expected before the public release is made.

Game Pencil Engine Version 1.1.1 Change-log

[Critical Changes]
-Detected Text Editor crashes fixed.
-Out of bounds errors fixed.
-Gamepad support integrated into editor and engine.
-Tile searching supported added.

[General Stabilization and Optimizations made.]
-Project Resource searching by name now available.
-Find/Replace Fixed and added to bottom of window.
-Find All/Replace All Functionality added with selectable scopes added.

[Engine changes]
-Html5 Export
-General speed improvements and bug-fixes applied..
-Added gpe.find_tile() function.
-Added gpe.find_tile_in_box() function.
-Added gpe.find_matching_tile() function.
-Added gpe.find_matching_tile_in_box() function.
-Added GameObject.touches_tile() function.
-Added GameObject.touches_certain_tile() function.
-Added gpe.get_scene_name() function.
-Added gpe.get_current_scene_id() function.
-Added gpe.get_current_scene_name() function.
-Added gpe.gamepad_connected(controllerPos) function.
-Added gpe.gamepad_name(controllerPos) function.
-Added gpe.gamepad_mapping(controllerPos) function.
-Added gpe.check_gamepad(controllerPos, buttonId) function.
-Added gpe.check_gamepad_down(controllerPos, buttonId) function.
-Added gpe.check_gamepad_pressed(controllerPos, buttonId) function.
-Added gpe.check_gamepad_released(controllerPos, buttonId) function.

-Wii U Export
-See Html5 Export changes

["Pawbituous Compiler" upgrades]
-Custom header code added on build in supported platforms.
-Slight updates to creating scene


[General Editor & Gui Changes]
Bottom Log/Search Panel
-Added Search Panel opened via shortcuts, toolbar and simply clicking on menu.
-Added Search Results Panel to locate code in project resources.
-Search /Find Menu added to top toolbar.
-Gui Panel Keyboard events slowed down by approximately 300%.
-Editor minimum window size enlarged to 800x600px.

File Open/Save Menu

Input Field Changes

Text Editor Changes
-Search system updated to newer system.
-Addition of more highlightable terms, functions, variables and keywords made.
-Keyboard related events slowed to near-native speeds.
-Suggested Code texts now show scopes.
-Speed, Bug fixes and General Improvements made.

[General Editor & Compiler Settings]
-Editor & Gui Settings changes made
-Multiple new GUI clases and functions added.

-Compiler Tab / Section added.
-Exit on found errors checkbox added.
-Use strict-mode choice added to Pawbituous compiler.
-More options to come.
-External Editors

[Functon Editor Changes]
-Function code integrated into Search System.

[Audio Editor Changes]

[Video Editor Changes]

[Font Editor Changes]

[Sprite Editor Changes]
–Blank sprites now auto-load sprite properties to 1 frame animation on image upload.

[Texture Editor Changes]

[Tilesheet Editor Changes]
-Individual tile size increased from 512x512px to 2048x2048px.

[Object Editor Changes]
-Object function code integrated into Search System.
-Function Icons in menus resized to be 1:1 ratio.

[Scene Editor Changes]
-General speed improvements and bug fixes applied.

[Project Properties/Settings Changes]
-HTML5 Header Code now available.
-HTML5 Header code placement checkbox added.


Version 1.1.1 Deluxe Edition [ BETA] 10 MB
May 12, 2017
Version 1.1.1 Personal Edition [ BETA] 10 MB
May 12, 2017

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