Game Pencil Engine 1.3.0 Alpha now available!

Developing 1.3.0 has been possibly one of the longest periods between versions in Game Pencil Engine.

The editor, UI and added classes was tons of work. The U.I also went from a more hard-coded system to a dynamic dock system in which users can be bit more free to edit the way they want to edit. Although this version is far from production, I thought it would be best to get as much feedback as possible as I move towards getting Game Pencil Engine usable for making commercial game projects.

Currently, using C/C++ is not allowed in this version of the editor as I will have to get it ready to connect to compilers, makefiles and a few other things.

With great hopes I move onward to make sure this engine is doing the job I set out for it.

Please download and let me know how you feel about the engine and editor.

Thank you.


Game Pencil Engine 1.3.0 [WINDOWS] [ALPHA] 30 MB
Feb 19, 2019

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