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Game Pencil Engine

One of a kind game engine for a new generation of developers. · By pawbyte


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Working on some UI updates and game-states
I've been on a bit of a break from coding, but now I'm returning to getting back into the joys of making this C++ engine. What I've been working on still is th...
What the heck is taking us so long?
When the runtime was just a simple HTML5 JS based engine things moved so quickly and never the hint of a "Segmentation fault". Moving onto C/C++ is a bit more d...
Game Pencil Engine 1.3.0 Alpha now available!
Developing 1.3.0 has been possibly one of the longest periods between versions in Game Pencil Engine. The editor, UI and added classes was tons of work. The U.I...
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GPE Version 1.2.1 released with source code!
Game Pencil Engine Changelog Version 1.2.1[RELEASE CANDIDATE] Changelog Sections are now alphabetized after "Engine Changes" #11 KEY changes made a multitude of...
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New Years Update on Engine and Editor
I haven't uploaded a video in a while, so what better time than the beginning of the year. Welcome to 2018. Great things are in store!...
Version 1.1.3 RC AND SOURCE now available!
Game Pencil Engine Changelog Version 1.1.3 Changelog #7 KEY changes made... [Critical Changes] -Empty media resource bug corrected[ Textures, Tilesheets and Spr...
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Version 1.1.2 Deluxe Beta AND SOURCE now available!
The following is the changelog for the upcoming release of 1.1.2. A few more changes are expected before the public release is made. Game Pencil Engine Changelo...
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Version 1.1.1 Deluxe Beta now available!
The following is the changelog for the upcoming release of 1.1.1. A few more changes are expected before the public release is made. Game Pencil Engine Version...
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Need all the feedback I can get. Project being worked on daily.
started by pawbyte Jan 29, 2020
2 replies
Download it now by simply donating $1 or more.
started by pawbyte Feb 20, 2019
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Sorry for the giant delay between posts. I have added so many things into this update to make it suitable for Top down a...
started by pawbyte Mar 26, 2018
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Hello all, It has come to my attention that Version 1.11's Scene Editor has a terrible glitch in regards to the Object a...
started by pawbyte May 18, 2017
4 replies
[Critical Changes] -Faster Editor Load/Start Times. -Layer System completely revamped. -Project Layer System applied(Cap...
started by pawbyte Apr 15, 2017
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in order to become a greater engine and more competitive in the next update( Version 1.1.0 ) will come with the a new La...
started by pawbyte Dec 22, 2016
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As you may have noticed the latest version for the Game Pencil engine has just been uploaded. The older version had a .z...
started by pawbyte Sep 18, 2016
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As part of expanding the audience we have launched a new Steam Greenlight page so people can design as they wish anywher...
started by pawbyte Jul 11, 2016
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It's been almost 2 weeks since version 1.0 was released. The community has given me tons of feedback and support and wit...
started by pawbyte Jul 04, 2016
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